Monday, August 6, 2018

Derartu Ahmed wins Wallin Scholarship to go to Lawrence University #EthiopiansInMinnesota

Ahmed was 9 when she came to America. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Tennessee and spent a little time in New York between elementary school and high school. Ahmed’s father is the only one in her family, until now, who attended a form of higher education, through a local community college. Ahmed will be the first to attend a four-year college, an achievement by itself, with her entire first year covered by scholarships and grants. For a year at Lawrence University between tuition, fees, room and board, an estimated total of $57,816 is needed to send a single student to college.

However, Ahmed received the 2018-19 Gift Aid of $51,270, a combination of grants and scholarships through Lawrence University and Federal Pell, not to mention through federal funding. This is on top of the $16,000 Wallin Scholarship.

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